Our Process

Our result-oriented approach and tested formula facilitate an efficient development process and effective results.

01. Discovery

We perform a deep dive into your market and objectives to determine a coherent system and strategy to cultivate and convert your ideal buyer.

What we do

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Customer Insight

  • Value Positioning

  • Brand Experience

  • Market Targeting

02. UI / UX Design

After conducting a thorough analysis of your market and objectives, we will then develop a design system for this target audience utilizing your objectives to drive this target audience towards your objective.

What we do

  • Visual Identity

  • UI Components & Libraries

  • E-commerce

  • Mobile Applications

  • Desktop Applications

  • Websites

03. Front-End Development

No matter how complex our design comes out, we always start from the ground up utilizing no previously generated templates to develop an incredibly high performing website explicitly suited towards your goals, objectives, and design.

What we do

  • Test-Driven Development

  • Linting & Documentation

  • Debugging

  • Cross-Platform Development

  • Object-Oriented Programming

04. Back-End Development

We take your front-end and create a robust server to fulfill back-end requests.

What we do

  • Database Creation

  • Networking

  • Encryption & Security

  • REST Communication

  • Server Administration

  • Automatic Backups

05. Analytics

We provide essential data to allow your business to optimize in strides internally.

What we do

  • Live Error Logging

  • Heatmapping

  • Failure Mitigation

  • Conversion Optimization

06. Integration

We provide essential data to allow your business to optimize in strides internally.

What we do

  • API Forwarding

  • Data Scraping

07. Support

When we take on projects, our goal is to maintain our business relationships through the life of the company. When an unexpected error occurs, we believe it is our responsibility to either fix the issue in most cases and provide discounted support for heavily-altered projects.

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