About Us

Our History

Arden Digital was founded on a need for efficiency and individuality in websites. Generally, if you needed a website, you would either create a Wix page or hire a team to design your Wordpress site from a template, a practice in place for more than a decade. With the high amount of clutter, performance lag, and lack of customization within Wordpress, we knew that there had to be a better solution.

With this in mind, we opened our doors in 2017, utilizing cutting-edge industry practices and highly effective technology to develop fast, accessible, and scalable websites.

Our Purpose

We are a dependable full-service digital agency. We complete every project in-house, whether we are designing a simple website or a SaaS project, including the Front-End Development, Back-End Development, and even UI/UX design!

We build fast, interactive, and highly-scalable applications for small businesses and enterprises alike. Whether your organization needs a new website, mobile app, or an entire SaaS, Arden Digital is here to help.

A Focus On Results

We complete every project from the user up; we aim is to deliver you high-quality results, not just a beautiful design.

Whether we are building a simple website or building an extensive mobile application, we won’t lift a finger until we know precisely who the optimal user/customer is and what makes them tick.

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